It's easy! Just follow these steps within the BABYGlimpse app:

  1. Go to "More"
  2. Select "Your Partner"
  3. If you haven't invited a partner, enter their email and send them an invite by selecting "Send Invitation".  A notification will appear letting you know an invite was sent to their email address.  You will also see a "1" in "Pending Invitations."
  4. Once your new partner accepts your invite, you will see a "1" in "Active Partners."
  5. Select "Active Partners".  You will go to a new screen that lists all of your partners. You can select the partner you want to pair with.  Note, if you select "-", it will delete that partner from your list.  If you want to add that partner, you'll have to send them an email invite again.

Remember, you can only be linked to one person at a time.

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