The risks of using BABYGlimpse are minimal. While learning about your genetics is interesting, there may be irrevocable and unavoidable outcomes by knowing more about your DNA makeup. It could also lead to feelings of surprise, anguish, anger, fear and sadness because you may find out information that you didn’t want to know.

There is also a level of uncertainty when using DNA products. Genetic testing has its limits. Scientists have not discovered all the genetic interactions that are possible in our unique genomes. Given this, it is impossible to unequivocally relate your DNA code to your future. Environment, lifestyle, and chance function alongside our genetic predispositions.

Please be prepared for these outcomes and plan accordingly. Genetic predictions may not always be accurate and our trait prediction methodology is not error-proof. You must accept a level of uncertainty in the data. Results are often provided as an interpretation based on probability or risk.

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