Yes!  DNAPassport does provides ancestry information. 

It looks like this in DNAPassport:

Our ancestry results are based on 15 continental regions (e.g. South Asia, Northwest Europe). Please refer to the table below for more detail: 

Our ancestry model was trained on data from the 1000Genomes project, which you can read about on their website here. We compare your autosomal DNA to that of individuals from 26 reference populations to determine which you are the most genetically similar to. The generational timeline of the reference individuals are described in the freely available 1000Genomes publication - we do not make any predictions going back further in time. After comparing your results to these reference individuals, we collapse your results into a custom region grouping that enables us to achieve the highest accuracy on the limited, internal testing data that we have so far. For example, if your results show you are part of the "South/East Europe" group that means  you are likely to be genetically similar to the Toscani reference population from Italy (population TSI in the 1000Genomes). 

If you have tried multiple ancestry products, it's not uncommon to observe slightly different results. These small differences can arise due to factors such as the type of technology used to process your sample (e.g., sequencing vs genotyping), the data set used to train the ancestry model, the ancestry variants used for the regional predictions, and more.  

We are continuing to add new content to our products to expand our user experience around ancestry and explain individual results in more detail. All new and existing customers will automatically be able to access the results of this more advanced ancestry prediction when it is released.

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