Please follow these steps to:

1).   Create a DNAPassport account on the web,
2).  Link your DNAPassport account to your Helix account and,
3).  Access your insights.

A few important points to keep in mind (especially if you don't want to read through the steps outlined below):

  • You will need a DNAPassport account .  Please note that this is different from your Helix account.  
  • Link your DNAPassport account to your Helix account within the DNAPassport app.  


  1. Please visit DNAPassport on the web.
  2. Create a DNAPassport account (this is not your Helix account). Enter in your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password.  Select "Create Account".

2. Read through important information pertaining to DNAPassport.  If you accept, please click "Accept and Continue".

3. Enter in your personal information and select "Save & Continue."

4. Select "Explore DNAPassport Now".  The link is at the bottom, right corner of the graphic.

5. Select the link in the first box titled "Existing Helix Customer".

6. Select the green button labeled "Link Accounts"

 7. Connect your DNAPassport account with your Helix account by entering your Helix email and password.  This is an important step as it gives us consent to access your genetic information.

Tip: Please be sure your Helix email and password entered are associated with the account with which you purchased your Helix DNA kit and app.  You will get an error message if you use the wrong account, if the account is not associated with your credentials (i.e., you login using another email), or the account you entered is not associated with a purchase.  

If you forgot your password for Helix, reset it here.

8.  Now you are ready to explore your insights!

Enjoy!  Please contact us at, if you have any questions!

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