In DNAPassport, we’re excited to be able to offer genetic insights into over 40 different traits, which can be viewed from the Explore tab near the bottom of the mobile app. To make sure you’re accessing all the traits DNAPassport has to offer, be sure to slide and click through the categories at the top such as “Ancestry,” “Wellness” and "Appearance."

While viewing traits, you can get more detailed results by clicking the “Learn More” text to the right side of the trait name. This will show more detailed information about your genetic results and additional information about the genetic markers measured for each trait and how genetics influences how that trait is expressed.

If you're interested in exploring your genetics even more, we're happy to hear it! DNAPassport is one of many apps available on the Helix store. To browse all of the genomics-powered apps available, visit If you choose to purchase another product to gain more insight into other traits, be sure to check the box that says “I already have or registered my Helix DNA kit” to waive the kit purchase fee!

We are always striving to deliver the best experience we can. If you have suggestions for how we could improve DNAPassport even more, we would love to hear your specific feedback. Please chat with us via the chat function (bottom right of this screen) or contact us at

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